How to Grow a Tea Garden – wikiHow

How to Grow a Tea Garden – wikiHow:

Peppermint – this is a perennial favorite for many people. Its refreshing taste is uplifting and cleansing. It is generally very easy to grow and enjoys sunny and semi-shaded spots. Grows very, very easily and unless you want it escaping across the garden, keep it pot-bound. The leaves are the part used for making tea.

Lavender – a delightful, softly fragrant tea that is perfect for soothing, especially recommended for reducing tension and headaches. Lavender grows well in full sun, well-drained soil. Lavender buds are the part of the plant used for tea.

I am going to start a small tea garden after Seattle…. Today it is tea. Tomorrow, hops.

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6 thoughts on “How to Grow a Tea Garden – wikiHow

  1. Lavender tea’s not bad. Of course, the times I’ve had it, it was probably loaded with honey or had another kind of tea mixed in, so I don’t know if that counts.

    I’ll trade you – peaches from our random peach tree for tea.

  2. From what I remember reading from Homebrewing books (I used to homebrew beer), hops are a 150% certifiable bitch to grow.

    I may be absolutely wrong, though.

    Why not grow herbs for cooking? Hmmmmmmm fresh basil…

  3. Herbs are so effing easy to grow. Fruits are tough. When they say that peppermint escapes, they minimize the true effect. Mints are flipping invaders. They will jump into your other pots and mug them for lunch money.

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