Beer in the Shower: Pick Your Shower Carfully

Did you ever hear about ThomasK. Paige? Probably not. He was a 21 year old physics student at MIT. He slipped and fell while enjoying a beer in the shower. Paige’s was working a theory of cold fusion, his unfinished notes have been tantalizing physicists for three years.

This could have been avoided if Paige had made sure his shower was appropriate for enjoying beer. Like most physicists, he led a wild and carefree lifestyle. He didn’t check the basics facts.

First, if the shower is a tiled shower, you can only use aluminum cans of beer. I have learned the hard way–as did my bottle of Berry Weiss–that glass and ceramic do not mix.

Secondly, ensure that there is a hand grip and non-slip rubber on the floor of the tub. Paige didn’t. Paige never stood a chance.

Third, make sure, that there is a place for your beer bottle, can or glass. Our shower has a spot clearly set aside for beer cans or bottles.


Personally, I shy away from using a glass. The chances of spilling said beer or having soapy water containment the beer is just not worth it.

Tomorrow, we move on the important stuff: Beer.

One thought on “Beer in the Shower: Pick Your Shower Carfully

  1. Not only does my (double) shower have appropriate facilities for holding beer… it has seats in it, so both shower occupants can /sit/ and enjoy their beer in slip-free bliss.

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