Story #3: Leave Room For the Holy Spirit

This is a story I do not even want in my memory anymore because it involves my parents making out.

Technically, this is more a story about my mom but it still counts for the purpose of this week. Seriously, you can’t have a story about my dad and not involve my mom.

According to my aunts, when my parents were dating and they came to my grandparent’s house for Sunday dinner, they would have to clap their hands to announce their presence to the amorous couple.

Years later, after my dad passed away, my mom was commenting on my brother and (now) sister in law living in Sin. She said, “I don’t know about couples these days…” My buddy Mike, who was talking with my mom about this very topic, pointed out the story about my parents massive make out sessions.

My mom responded with a wistful sigh and said, “Oh, so many missed opportunities.”

That’s when I ran out of the room.

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2 thoughts on “Story #3: Leave Room For the Holy Spirit

  1. The first year I went to college ended rather strangely. I travelled half-way home with a friend and move took home from her place. The moment we walked into the house, my dad snags my mother and gives her a kiss like I have never seen them do.

    I think I hid in my room for an hour.

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