Sombrero Means Birthday


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This is the second year in a row where I have worn a sombrero commemorating my birthday. I guess this means my 30s will be marked by the Mexican hat.

For my 40s, if I have to wear one of those goddamn Russian hats–and it doesn’t have the star on it–I am finding new friends.

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6 thoughts on “Sombrero Means Birthday

  1. Happy Birthday! My teens were marked by the Mexican hat. I think your 30’s are a far more appropriate decade for that accessory. I also think Alison’s right on with that 40’s hat selection.

  2. I will have to set up an poll when I turn 39: Googly Hat or Russian Star Hat. I’m sure over the next eight years, Hat-Fashion will change enough to include even more embarrassing things.

    This year, however, Zach has to wear a cape. It’ll be awesome.

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