About Me

I do not make a habit of thinking that I’m awesome.  I did, for a while, tell people (well, one person in particular) that I was awesome–but it was an attempt at humor, not a core belief.  I know I’m not  cobag or a fascist.  I may not be the most generous or caring person in the world, but I try to do more about that everyday.


This post was originally about how I’m feeling pretty good about helping my cousin move.  I was going to go on and talk about how I would help anyone I cared about do whatever they needed.  While this is true, at 1 in the morning, I don’t really remember why I thought this would make a good post.

I help the people I care about.  That’s it. I don’t mind it.  I actually enjoy it, even if it “ruins” a friday night.

In my head, this post was a lot better.  I think I lost some of it when I hit my  head on the dryer in the laundry room. Stupid dryer.

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