A Little Bit Drunk Outside

Before I go do even nerdier things than blog, I will post some of my favorite expressions for “drunk.” Each of these I learned from my parents. Feel free to post your own.

“It got a little bit drunk outside.”

“It got really drunk outside.”

“I’m just overserved.”

“I’ve gone beyond overserved. Now I’m tipsy.”


8 thoughts on “A Little Bit Drunk Outside

  1. One of my favourite drinking episodes involves very nearly making Marty spit out his beer. Chicago is full of highly accomplished partiers.

    And he introduced me to Dogfish Head, for which I am eternally grateful.

  2. Our family term was woozywoozywoozy, which, while lacking in surreality, was great for making my mother attempt to crawl under the nearest large piece of furniture.

    She had this Thing that, when drunk, everything had to be symmetrical. All was well until my stepfather took her out for Mexican food; she ordered a margarita and got a MARGARITA. And drank the entire thing. And explained solemnly to my stepfather “Patrick, I need, I need your arm to hold on to. I’m very, very, very, very woozy…*quick count on fingers* woozywoozywoozy.”

  3. I don’t have a term for drunkenness, but I learned an expression for a hangover cure from my mother that tends to get me funny looks whever I say it:

    Hair of the dog.

    Essentially, drinking the next day to alleviate your pain from the previous night’s inebriation. Full phrase: hair of the dog that bit you.

  4. I’ve always been partial to “squiffy” myself. Ply me with drink and I could come up with a ton more- drink always brings out the verbosity in me.

  5. I dunno…Thousand Dollar Cat simply isn’t sufficient unless accompanied by the drumming of feet headed for the closet. (And then the thump of impact.)

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