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This picture isn’t from our best night. I don’t honestly remember if this was taken before I was a cobag or after I apologized for being one. I like to think that this was my way of saying sorry for having a snit, but I can’t remember when I did the right thing and re-prioritized my night for Shannon. That being said, that picture is fairly close to my point–

Shannon’s positively beautiful, even dressed in 80s costume, and she makes me so giddy that I look goofy.

I didn’t think that I would meet the girl of my dreams through blogging, but I did. I honestly was half-way towards giving up and deciding to become a work-a-holic. Instead, as AG put it, “I’m the happiest I have ever been since before I lost my parents.” I am (consistently) the happiest I have been since college. It is wonderful to be challenged, supported and taken care of all at the same time. It is simply amazing to plot and plan goals with someone, even if the goals are about running away to South America to start a commune.

I don’t admit how much Shannon has improved my life, nor do I come close to thanking her for it. Since I made a big deal about post 300, I figure I should make an even bigger deal about Shannon. She makes my every aspect of my life infinitely better, even the parts I would sooner give up on.

I have other plans to show her how much I care about her–but those are not for blog-postings. At least, not yet.

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12 thoughts on “300

  1. Fantastic choice for post 300!! What a great picture! The two of you give me hope, that somewhere out there is someone for me too. (cue the lame ass lite rock tune now)

  2. you posted too soon! Flickr’s been acting weird so I had to post it and edit instead of just blogging through Flickr.

    And VON If there is hope for me, there is hope for damn near anyone.

  3. Cool picture. You so scored out of your weight class, dude. She’s a keeper.

    Congrats on #300, and here’s to many hundreds more. (BTW, what’s a brother gotta do to get on your blogroll, yo? I know I’m an evil conservative and all, but damn.)

  4. … Now I have to make a post about the coolness of Razoras. /sigh. Damn you to hell.
    It’s really funny how much difference one person can make in your life.
    Also, have you told her about Malkavet yet? Those aren’t the kinda secrets you should keep.

  5. Somebody’s going to have to break the news about Malkavet to her. I think he’s the jealous type.

    Von, if there’s hope for Marty AND for me, you will find someone. Guaranteed. Marty, at least, is a funny drunk. I can’t even claim that. And somehow, twelve years ago, I stumbled over this grrl geek named “Foxfire” posting on the fiction section of the Star Wars X-Wing/TIE Fighter boards on Compuserve’s Flight Sim Forum, started exchanging emails with her, which led to phone calls, which led to me moving to South Carolina, a wedding, a nublet…

    Yeah. I don’t believe in coincidences anymore. Not after that.

  6. I know! I jumped the comment gun. Well, I still would have said the same thing. TheMartyShannon rocks. I’ve already given you the seal of approval.

  7. The right person comes along at the right time, and not a moment before. It’s the way life and fate and whatever you want to call it work.

    I’m damned glad Shannon came along.

    Here’s to another 300 posts.

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