Resignations and Resolutions

I have resigned myself to the idea that I will be hit by a taxi before I turn 35. Dear reader, you may wonder why I am being morbid, but I believe it is a simple fact of city living: Taxi Cab Drivers, in a rush to make money, drive like assholes.

I know it is a blanket statement, and there probably are a few drivers who are always safe drivers, but let’s take today as a prime example of what I deal with. After I dropped Shannon off, I went west down Adams to Ogden. A cabbie driving a blue and white taxi decided he just needed to into my lane. Without checking his blind spots, he came into my lane. My horn stopped him from coming in all the way. He swerved out, then back IN the lane, forcing me to come to a quick stop. If I wasn’t paying attention, I’d be writing this post from the body shop.

This year I resolve to pay more attention when I drive, so assholes don’t kill me.

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5 thoughts on “Resignations and Resolutions

  1. Hey, remember the time you smashed your rental car into the back of some teen chick’s car and made her spill coffee all over her new pants? If I recall correctly, that was about 15 minutes after you were warned “not to drive it like a rental.”

    Good times.

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