Values, Morals and Get The Fuck Away From Me.


Over the past few months, I have given a lot of thought to what I believe in and how I live my life. A number of individuals on the Right–the loud mouthed bastards that have co-opted and perverted conservative values–have deemed that I have no morals and it is people like me who ruin the country. For evidence, turn on Fox News or Talk Radio, and listen to hear some some over paid, poorly educated mouth piece rail on unions, liberals, “college students” and so on. I am not interested (today) on who says what and who started this fight. I’m more interested in say the following:

My values and beliefs are not so different than yours.

I believe in making the world fair for everyone. I believe in my family. I want the government out of my bedroom. I want the government to keep me safe from corporate interests. I appreciate the sacrifice of the troops, the dedication of teachers, the enlightenment brought on by artists and I admire the work ethic of my fellow Americans. I want unbiased, factual reporting of the news.

My pay has been stagnant for three years, and this year, I’m taking hits on my health insurance, my pay and my personal time. This puts me squarely with the majority of this country: Left behind in the “recovery.”

This has been, and will be, the position from which I argue every belief, value and moral I hold dear. For the most part, I believe a number of people on the Right share some form of these values. Their meaning, priority and execution are completely different than mine; however, this is the position I start and–until proven otherwise–I assume the Right has as well. They say the believe it all the time, so I try and take it at face value.

If I can start from this position, I think just about anyone can. If you can’t meet me half way, get the fuck away from me.

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  1. Yes… I believe _mostly_ as you do, and as usual do disagree with some points made (but different points of view, are what make us human, and have gotten us this far).

    I believe in making the world a fair place for everyone, and not at the expense of anyone. I know that this is nearly impossible, since we do not live in a Utopian world, and someone is always going to have more ambition than another, and someone will always want to take advantage of someone else, but in general, I believe the same. I believe solidy in my family, in fact they are the basis of where I began, and what I believe in.

    Even being somewhat conservative, and on the Right, I too think the government should keep out of my bedroom. I don’t have a problem with a person’s sexuality, as long as they keep that sexuality to themselves, and don’t try to force it down my throat (probably a bad choice of words, but you get the point). Some PDA is just fine, no matter the sexuality, I don’t care, it’s the person you love and care about, that’s all that matters.

    The next point is a bit different. I too want some protection from corporate intrests, but I also know that not all corporations are “evil big businesses”. There is too much rhetoric coming from the left blaming anything with the “Inc., Co., etc.” at the end of their name as being evil, and trying to kill off the working man. I myself work for a fairly large company, just on this contract we have nearly 600 people, that’s not including the two other contracts that are run by this company in the surrounding area, and the company itself is international. We don’t have a union, yet everyone is treated fairly, and we have an open door policy with the general manager, and his deputy. We have had yeraly raises, of between .5% to 2%, dependant completely on the current economy, and the General Manager over our contract hasn’t had a raise in the last 2 years. I understand that this may not be what you were getting at, but just wanted to bring my point of view in.

    I don’t really believe in lobbyists, and think it’s rediculous that they’re allowed, and that’s on both sides of the party line. As I’ve said before, politics should not be a career, and therefore, you shouldn’t be able to make money, or deals in order to keep your position. This happens with corporations and unions both. Anyway, back to the subject of beliefs.

    I am a very big proponent of our military. My great grandpa was in the Army, both my Grandpa’s were in the Army, my wife’s Grandpa was even at Normandy, two of my uncles and two of their sons are in the National Guard, my brother is in the Air Force, and my dad was in the Air Force for 6 years (followed by a career in Civil Services for the US Army). I myself contract with the Army, and know the people who keep us safe, and allow us to believe what we want.

    I am also a supporter of teachers, as I have two sisters-in-law who are teachers. They also work their butts off, and I see that for myself. But I also know that not all teachers are as ambitious or have the work ethic that they do; I’ve had my share of bad teachers. So again, I to support them, but not universally. I too am amazed by the things presented by artits (visual, auditory, written, etc.). It is the American dream for them to make it big, and be able to spread their art across the nation (or even the world), but it doesn’t happen to everyone, and I am actually kind of tired of hearing the term “starving artist”. The term itself brings about the thought that they don’t expect to do anything beside’s their art to make a living, and everyone knows, that’s not always possible, especially in today’s economy.

    I am a firm supporter of work ethic, and also know that not everyone has it. it is partially why I was so against the increase in the unemployment insurance. I know that there are those seriously looking for work, in fact I know some who were on unemployment and have since gotten a job, even though it paid less than their previous job. But I also know a couple who are letting unemployment pay for the things they want, and not what they need, all while not even attempting to look for a job. I’m sure that there are many more out there doing just the same, and enjoying the “free money” coming in. maybe I’m just jaded, but I can’t help but see the downside of some of these social programs.

    I ABSOLUTELY agree with your want of unbisased, factual reporting of the news. Yes, I’ve seen Fox News (in fact I’m watching some of it now), and have listened to Talk Radio, and have watched MSNBC, and read articles by Huffington Post and Mother Jones. There is a wicked bias on both sides, but not always, on both sides. In fact, I really enjoy the tagline that Fox News Radio uses… “We report, you decide”, it leaves some of the interpretation to the individual, which I find great. But in the end, there are still some very far right shows (O’Rielly, Beck, John Gibson).

    Lastly, I’d like to add a belief that I have specifically, that you may agree with, but may not, depends. And that is individual responsibility. No matter how much the government does, the individual should still be responsible for their own decision, and make their own choices. If they screw up, they’re held responsible, and the same if they succeed. The government is in place to protect the individual, not guide them by the hand, or provide them with everything they need. If that were so, we wouldn’t be a democracy, we’d be a communist nation, where everything was provided and decided by the government.

  2. Overall though, it was a very good read, and very interesting insight into other beliefs outside of my own personal ones.

  3. Not all employers are fair, and without the labor movement, we have no one to say “That’s bullshit!” to the owners and legislative cronies. This is why unions and labor rights need to be protected: Otherwise, they will be taken advantage of.

    Personal responsibility is a fantastic idea. I’m a fan of locus of control and accountability as well. Its the first concept we address in counseling. It’s a pity that far too many people scapegoat unions and teachers instead of figuring out the root of the problem.

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