I Do Not Get It

I have been dating girls more than half my life. I’ve dated crazy girls, normal girls, fat girls, skinny girls, girls who really just liked other girls, sad girls and happy girls. A few of the girls I’ve dated I did not appreciate until after we broke up. Wether or not I was appreciated is another matter entirely (and completely up for debate). I am friends with very few of these exes, cordial with all but three. I think with those three, the distance is mutual.

Regardless of distance and appreciation, I can promise you that I learned things from each relationship I have ever been in. This, however, has not prepared me for anything in regards to future relationships.

I bring this up only because I am constantly debating what I should be doing right now, in terms of dating. I am not fond of this internal debate. Once upon a time, I was decisive and spot on with dating. As of this moment, I feel like I am fifteen again, asking my friends and family, “um, so I like her. Now what?”

Just as an aside: fifteen year old Marty could do more pull ups that thirty year old Marty. Thirty year old Marty is also twenty pounds heaver and has the power to arrest fifteen year old Marty and lock up the smarmy son of a bitch.

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2 thoughts on “I Do Not Get It

  1. Speaking of the 15 year old Marty – saw a photo of you from the high school yearbook the other day. Turns out we were in class board together – who knew??

    Ah well – I hope all is well with you. Sorry I missed you at the reunion – but we were all thinking of you during that stressful time.

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