An Open Letter to John P Daley

To Mr. John P Daley, Cook County Commissioner, 11th district,

Mr. Daley:

I am recent resident of your ward and a long time employee of Cook County.   I have been blessed to work with the children and families of the Cook County Juvenile Court for the past Eleven years as a member of the Clinical Interventions Division.  It is in this capacity that I am writing to you and asking for a meeting to discuss my concerns regarding the 2012 budget.  In short, I am deeply concerned that vital services will be cut from the our program in the name of austerity.

Cook County Juvenile Probation provides a vital role in taking at-risk youth and transforming them into productive members of society.  We save the county and state resource by providing these services in the family’s home, rather than in the Department of Juvenile Justice.  We empower parents so they can keep their children safe.  We keep communities safe by watching our clients.  We work with our local schools to ensure that our clients have a chance to better themselves.

Cuts to our budget directly impact the amount of the services we provide to the families of Cook County.  We will lose mental health service, sex offender treatment and supervision programs, and youth input programs (currently a trend in Juvenile Justice and pioneered in Cook County) if our funding is cut.

I would welcome an opportunity to discuss these concerns with you, as well as to generate additional ideas on how to balance the budget.

Best Regards

Martin Gleason

Cook County Juvenile Probation Officer

Clinical Interventions Division

JSO Unit/Juvenile Advisory Council Co-Chair.

4 thoughts on “An Open Letter to John P Daley

  1. John Daley is my County Commissioner. Within the next two months, Cook County will release a budget that may, or may not, severely cut my department. I posted what I emailed Mr. Daley in order to start a conversation regarding budget cuts to the Juvenile Probation Department.

  2. Great letter Martin! I hope Commissioner Daley replies to your letter. People need to know why it is important to advocate for these children and how youth violence and delinquency directly impacts their lives and communities.

    • great letter, Officer Martin, much greatest than your writing is your will to help others for it contain all you are ,a great men, keep up your good work. don’t let ugly feelings distract you for I know you’re walking a better path and those who criticized you now. Let Will have fun with this comment
      See them tomorrow , You look at them in their eyes and find out what their are up to. Love you all-Yonkers NY 10701

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