The Plan

I’ve been in a funk for two weeks now, and it feels dangerously close to depression. I’m losing interest in a number of things, my appetite is changing and my mood is significantly more sensitive than it should be. My sleeping patterns would probably take a turn for the worse, but thankfully, Shannon won’t let it.

I’ve tried just “riding” it out. I learned In grief therapy that sometimes I just need to listen to what my body says and let it rest. I’ve listened for two weeks, recognized that I miss my parents and my friends, and that outside of Shannon, nothing feels “right” anymore. I’m overwhelmed by it all.

I’m done with that. I’m working on a schedule, busting out my old copy of Getting Things Done by Paul Allen and setting up goals (and to do lists).

The most ambitious of these goals is working out in the morning. I wake up by 645 every day, regardless of when I go to bed. The past week i’ve fiddled with the Internet connection for at least twenty minutes. I am going to start doing something more productive than restarting a modem, a router and swearing.

I’m getting a head start on the new year. 2008 has been brilliant. 2009 is going to start rough, but it had the potential to be even better. I’ve got far too much at stake, and to do, to let it slip through my fingers.

Ask A Bastard: Turning the Tables Edition

So it appears that my friend Aerin is the only one with questions this week. Because of the low turn out, I’m going to turn the tables. I have a question to ask–and I hope you all give me some pointers.

First and foremost we have the following: Aerin asked If you were e-mailed at work by a co-worker and asked to “pray at the flagpole” – – how would you respond? What would you do?

If I got the email from a coworker that I didn’t know too well, I’d write back and say, “Thank you for thinking of me in this; however, I don’t believe that this particular event is congruent with my public and private beliefs. I wish you and yours the best for your event.” If it kept happening, I’d politely ask that they stop sending me this. I have to be polite to my coworkers–especially if I am going to deal with the promotion stuff–but I don’t have to follow their beliefs. If it was from someone I knew, I’d say, “Um. Really?” In a phone call. If it kept happening, I’d go to supervisors, deputies my director, and eventually, the media. I say the media because as a State worker, I do not believe that we should be taking company time to endorse a particular religious belief or philosophy. Fact is, I have walked out of prayer meetings before–they were for my Union, not for any work function–and I will do it again. I’ve also stated that if it keeps happening, I am going to dress up like a pirate and go as priest of the flying spaghetti monster.

Aerin also asked Also – is arguing on the internet really a waste of energy?

Honestly, I think arguing itself is a waste of energy.  I’m just addicted to it. I think debate and rational discussion is useful–but far too often it deteriorates into bickering and arguing.

I’m reading comments in certain threads wondering exactly how to address the situation… I also know that after this, I’m headed to the Republic of Dogs to discuss my position regarding the political divide.

Now for my question: How do I figure out what to do about grad school? I have debated going to grad school (for an MSW then a PhD) or Law School for years. Now I’m just confused about where to go. If I want to keep working with kids, the MSW is the most useful degree to have. But now I am thinking of a Masters from UoC’s Computer Science department. Given the economy and the threats to my field (a good number of people on the right want to eliminate my job because it’s a “waste”) I do think that it would be good to diversify. I also have a plan to integrate the Comp.Sci degree with my interest with my clients. I just don’t know what the hell to do or how to figure it out.

So, help a brother out. I’ll buy you a beer.

Plans for the year

First and foremost, if you read Shannon’s Blog, you maybe asking, is she okay? She is. Shannon moved in a few months earlier than we planned–it was going to take that long just to clear out the shit I had–but this is something we’ve talked about and I am comfortable with. I’m not just comfortable, in fact I think this is a fantastic idea, but this is a big change and, of course, there are some reservations. For their part, the reservations seem to dissipate a little more everyday.

Shannon’s moving in has made this year’s goal even more important. This plan is To Make Money. I have a lot of plans before the end of the decade, and they all require money. While I will be getting a major promotion at work soon, I need to supplement my income. I will be using this blog as part of it.

Towards that end, here are some of the ideas:

1) Get back to the Nerdslut dating guide
2) A site redesign to allow for more ad-space
3) Exploit my fellow nerds

The problem with #3 is that I have to begin to address my nerd-dom. This is more difficult than it sounds. While I did flaunt my nerd-cred a few months ago, I did so only to flirt with a certain someone. I didn’t go into detail as there are some things I’d prefer to keep secret. Now that said certain someone knows all of it (even if I refuse to acknowledge it or go into detail), I don’t really see a point in keeping it a secret.

Now I must return to earning my regular money.

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