An open letter to Alderman Patrick Daley Thompson

An Open Letter to Alderman Patrick D. Thompson​
Alderman Thompson-

I am sure by now you’ve seen the announcement by Google that Chicago is on the short list of Google Fiber, an ultra-highspeed broadband connection that would significantly disrupt current broadband providers. if not, I highly recommend this article:

I am writing to strongly encourage your support of this measure.

Comcast, WoW, RCN and AT&T have strangleholds on Chicago’s broadband, and while their service is adequate, there is not enough competition to make true change. I am not alone in this assessment. PBS agrees with this statement:

The 11th ward needs better, cheaper, faster internet services. If google fiber can deliver these changes in other markets, the benefit they can bring to the residents of our ward are immense. Children will have better access to educational services. Entrepreneurs can access markets more efficiently (significantly cheaper and faster). Government agencies will have more flexibility in negotiating their internet contracts–which will improve service, speed and quality of service.

I am a fan of Google and their services. I also have a Masters Degree in Information Services from DePaul University, and can attest to how this new service can be a huge boon to the residents of our ward.

I would love to talk to you about this issue in person, if you have any questions or comments.

Best regards-

Marty Gleason


I’m a full time student this semester, thanks to the county board’s brilliant decision to cut services. These two survey classes, project management and enterprise tech, seem to be right up my alley. I’ll be developing a blog, writing memos and essays, and learning about business processes. I’m going to focus on tech and society, of course, and I’m going to try to spell out all of my concerns about business/consumer culture.

Cross posting is going to happen.

Blogging Like It Was Yesteryear

The great thing about probation work: It is cyclical. There will be slow, boring days where I can catch up with paperwork. There will be insanely crazy days where I have two evals due on the same day, and both evals are terrifyingly bad. Currently, work is the latter. I know in a few weeks, it’ll be the former.

Its the few weeks that’ll kill me. I used to be able to de-stress by blogging about it. Usually what’s driving me batty is policy. This time its details about the cases. I can’t blog this.

There will be friday fiction this week. Till then, someone give me a blog topic for tomorrow?


I have never really been able to understand poetry. It’s a failing of mine that I’ve never tried to correct either. When pushed I can write a haiku, but I wouldn’t really call that being a poet, or understanding poetry.

I’ve tired a few times. I remember in high school reading poems by Pushkin because of a National Geographic article. In college I figured I should read more Yeats given my love of all things Irish, but I know I didn’t fully appreciate it. As a full fledged adult, I haven’t read any poetry outside of Will’s Haiku Year.

Folks, I want to read, and really comprehend, a poem. Link it here.

2008: What Would I Change

This year has been a good one for me. I’m on the list for a promotion, Shannon moved in and helped me repaint the entire place. I got to go on a few vacations. I reconnected with a few folk over facebook. My candidate won the election. I got caught up on a lot of my paperwork AND the majority of my clients terminated successfully from their groups. Over all, the only thing I would change would be the month of December. It was a brutal this year–so much grief and no new ways to handle it–and it was a struggle to get through the holidays.

I’m not big on resolutions, but I am big on introspection. I can see the need for growth/change in 2k9. I need to exercise more. I need to devote more time to reading and writing. Hell, I also need to take a good look at my goals for the future.

This Blog will also be getting a make over. New header, color scheme and some new content. But right now, with the whole year ahead of me, I’m pretty damn excited about all the challenges: From saving money to see how Shannon and I change together, I honestly feel that this year is going to be even better than ’08.

What are your plans and goals for the new year? More blogging? More Comments? New topics to discuss?