Winter is Here

I still prefer Winter is Coming. Chicago is supposed to see single digit temperatures today with a Blizzard warning tomorrow. The worst part is not going to be the temperatures. The worst part is the road. Chicago’s streets are full of potholes. Given the Mayor’s statements of, “We won’t see as many plows as we did last year,” does not inspire confidence in how the city will respond to the snow.

This lack of confidence is not why I’m dilly-dallying this morning. I’m not busting my hump because it looks really fucking cold outside.

2 thoughts on “Winter is Here

  1. Speaking of “winter coming”…I made my darling husband blender me until I could get a spiky Ramparts wolf for my hunter. I named it “Stark” as part of a scientific experiment to see if anybody A-side would feel a great disturbance in the Force. 🙂

  2. Try living in Indianapolis – they never plow the side streets and often haven’t heard of salt or sand. In that respect, I miss chi-town.

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