Welcome to the Pajama Jam

County Employee’s get: 1 Floating Holiday and 4 personal days that need to be used before 11/27.

Guess who forgot about his PD or FH.

To celebrate my two extra days off, today I am sitting in my Pajamas and drinking exquisite coffee. All. Day. If I DO decide to be an adult get out of my PJs, it will be to enjoy a beer, in the shower, while calling friends and family to leave gloating messages on their voice mail.

Admit it. Days before the holidays, you’d want a day to yourself as well, wouldn’t you?

6 thoughts on “Welcome to the Pajama Jam

  1. hatez you. HATE YOU. Sigh. Double sigh. I need a day off.
    My last 3 vacation days are in limbo, haven’t been confirmed by the man.
    Sigh. I hope you choke (a little, not enough to kill ya) on your coffee.

  2. AND I was going to email you and Shannon and let you know that I miss y’all, thus beginning a lengthy email chain, thus distracting me from my day…..
    S I G H
    since you are off, please go read my post. I need advisement…..and encouragement….and some other ments…..

  3. The place where I contract shuts down between Christmas and New Years, like a lot of manufacturing facilities do, for maintenance and the like. As a contractor, this means I have to burn four or five vacation days in order to be paid for that week, even though I have no choice–they won’t LET us come in that week. Sigh.

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