‘May equality live long and prosper’ – Takai, New Yorkers among Ca. gay rush:

WEST HOLLYWOOD – Star Trek’s George Takei plunked down $70 for the first same-sex marriage license issued in this gay mecca Tuesday and turned to the crowd, beaming.

If you don’t think Sulu has the right to marry, you’re pushing towards unAmerican.

I’m not labeling this politics because who you marry has no business in politics.

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7 thoughts on “UnAmerican

  1. “Who you marry has no business in politics.”
    Qualifier: between consenting adults, I assume. Does this mean you are okay with the state recognizing, say, polygamous/polyandrous marriages?

  2. Let’s be honest, who the crap would want two wives. One nags enough.

    Eh? Eh?

    /sexist comment for the afternoon.

  3. I think it’s one thing when two (or three) consenting adults decide to enter into a marriage. When everyone agrees (and is supportive) of that arrangement.

    It’s quite another when people are NOT consenting adults or are not free (for monetary or other reasons) to make their own decisions about marriage. For example, on npr recently they did a series about polygamy in some American Muslim communities. One woman’s story was that her husband came home one day and said he was going to take another wife. I don’t think she felt she could leave him due to religious and economic concerns.

    These are difficult issues, especially those involving individual liberty and where the gov’t steps in and legally recognizes a union.

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