Things I Do Not Like About Chicago

1) Weather

Seriously. We hit the high humid extremes and the deep freeze. I can only lie about the change of seasons being “refreshing” for so long.

2) Traffic Management Authority

To solve the pedestrian/commuter issue (ie: no one obeying their signals at intersections) we hire people to stand in busy intersections and direct traffic. About 10% of them do. Some talk on their phones. Others talk to pedestrians. The assholes bust people for “standing.” Honestly, do we need this?

3) Cable/Broadband

The cable/broadband companies have divided neighborhoods into fiefdoms. One Monopoly per area. I’d prefer Comcast–but no, I’m stuck with MDU, RCN or AT&T. So much for “Market Solutions.”

Over all, my dislike list is exceptionally short. I’ll throw up a “Like List” at my next break.

4 thoughts on “Things I Do Not Like About Chicago

  1. I adored Chicago when I was there as a teen. This may have had something to do with the fact that I’m from Georgia and unused to wind in late July.

  2. I’ve been up there one time–visited somebody in Evanston, Fourth of July weekend, uh, 1995 I think. Driving down Lake Shore Drive at sunrise on my way back out of town was beyond awesome. Come to think of it, that was the first (and only) thing that went right the entire trip.

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