The Problem With IT

I’m taking a break from my text/Business Speak Primer to blog about my concerns regarding IT and Project Management. I had to put the book down and get these thoughts out; otherwise, I’d go crazy.

I have heard, and read, very few good things about IT management. Every developer (and testers) I’ve talked to–about seven people whose opinions I trust–have said point blank that project managers have no idea what they are doing. This is the cleaned-up version. I think I figured out why. The text books are geared more towards business jargon than pratical understanding.

The text I’m currently reading for my pre-requisite courses reads more like an advert for Microsoft Project and Visio than a primer on the basic concepts of systems analysis. It’s redonkulous. If I want to see how a software package works, I’ll look at the demos.

While the text-ad is terrible, the company speak is worse. I fully recognize that working with Information Systems combines business memes and techy-speak. Ending every damn chapter with “every corporation…” does not help me get the necessary concepts.

Thank God that we’re applying the ideas behind “life cycle development” directly into practice with our weekly projects. Relying on this text would create an even bigger glut of project noobs.

One thought on “The Problem With IT

  1. I did a PM course recently, that mostly taught me that Microsoft Project (not even referenced in the text) will make your instructor think you’re a genius.

    The writing in the texts, despite a new edition every year or two, still references “he” when talking about any example at all. The culture perpetuates.

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