Switching Gears

First, let me summarize the break out sessions today:

Session One: Two new treatment methodologies for working with JSOs. Both look fantastic. It’s a pity they were only an hour an a half long–and its a pity I can’t go learn how to do it all just yet.

Session Two: How to motivate kids. What did I learn? I have more experience in my pinky that a lot of people in the audience (and one of the presenters). I didn’t learn one new thing. Not one. We spent one hour, fifteen minutes on the basics of group motivation then twenty minutes on asinine ways of getting laughed at by your clients. Everyone knows that kids from the inner city of chicago LOVE to draw trees and discus the roots of their problems through art. Thankfully, I have a relationship with my clients that i could get them to do something like that–but I couldn’t keep a straight face if I asked them to do it.

I think people who present should discuss the demographics of their clients–cause if I get one more presentation that focus on white kids in residential placement, I’m going to have to scream.

The awesomeness of the first session makes up for the lameness of the second for that very reason. The treatment was designed with kids in the inner city in mind. Final-fucking-ly. Oh, the presenter’s occasional F-Bomb also brightened my mood.

Oddly, both sessions made me realize i need to get my ass in gear and go back to school. If only someone else was working on a huge document, say a business plan, then maybe I could stay motivated.

Part 2

I could be out drinking in San Diego, but I am forcing myself to do work and study for next week’s test. Anything more I say about this will sound like whining, not venting. I think I will spare the internets my pathetic strife and return to studying.

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2 thoughts on “Switching Gears

  1. “If only someone else was working on a huge document, say a business plan, then maybe I could stay motivated.”


    I mean, uh.

    Gee, I wonder who that could be…

  2. Rats! you found my super sekrit abandoned “personal” blog!

    I may start posting in the near future, when there’s not a pile of homeworks to grade.

    For the record, I’m a MexiMaybe.

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