Shut the fuck up and legislate

via Illinois declares Pluto is still a planet | Science |

As such, the Illinois state governors have resolved to take action and reinstate Pluto as a planet. What’s more, they have announced their intention to name Friday 13 March 2009 “Pluto Day”, to mark its discovery in 1930 by Clyde Tombaugh, who happened to be born on a farm in the state.

The dimwits in Springfield have nothing better to do than comment on shit they learned in elementary school?  Christ, they should just get a blog.

At this rate, we’re only a few steps from Okaloma and Kansas.

3 thoughts on “Shut the fuck up and legislate

  1. Jesus day is worse. One is an example of basic science illiteracy. The other is poorly hidden proselytization. One can be corrected with basic education. The other is argued as “Truth.”

    Besides, Jesus Day was pronounced by Dubya, who is fundamentally worse than anyone in Illinois, including Blagoviech.


    Must not kill….

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