You and your significant other live in a two bedroom apartment in a high crime area. Would you know if he or she was selling drugs?

And, yes, this has to do with work. How did you know?

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  1. I was going to pose this question on a bb I frequent – then I realized that no one would take me seriously.

    Yes – I think it is possible. Denial is a powerful thing. I do have friends who find out that their spouse is an addict after years…never knowning they (the spouse) had been using.

    Now – at one point is a person responsible for awareness of their surrondings (particularly if a child is involved)? I don’t know.

  2. I think you know, but agree with Aerin, that you may not acknowledge it. Also, do you work the same shifts, ie, are you home at the same times? Probably easier to ignore the signs if you aren’t home at the same times.

  3. I am not sure I would know. I guess there are more questions involved like do you share a back account, what has your partner told you they are currently doing for income, is the relationship intact, so many questions…

  4. I think that I would know. And a lot of it would be the unexplained friends, income, and the change in behavior that would accompany it.
    Would I do anything about it, or acknowledge that I know? That is a different story. I would like to say yes, I would, but I have never found myself in the position. Honestly, i never even considered that something like that could happen.

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