No need to rewrite the wheel

Lifehack defends my #2 vice with grace and style. Snippet to follow:

How to Defend Your Coffee Habit:

This is why we start drinking coffee in the first place, right? I started binge drinking coffee in order to stay up all night working on various projects, though it didn’t take long for coffee consumption to become a hobby in its own right.

Drinking coffee improves your concentration, alertness and staves off a tired mind. For me, work comes to a halt when I’m missing any of the above, especially concentration or alertness. Ten or twenty minutes after a cup of coffee, I can be back to work for a few more hours.

Apparently coffee improves your short term memory, which indicates that I’m not drinking nearly enough of it. Did I mention that coffee improves your short term memory?

Praise the lord and pass the coffee. If you need me, i’ll be shaking from a caffeine overdose in the corner.

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6 thoughts on “No need to rewrite the wheel

  1. Coffee got me through at least two years’ worth of papers in college. I saw the sunrise just about every day during the last three weeks of the spring semester my senior year, and a large iced coffee was as much a companion as my Big-ass Book of Shakespeare. (Oh, and Half-Life. But we don’t talk about that part.)

    There were a few times my heart would start beating way too fast, but damn was the sky pretty.

  2. …. Is this when I should mention that it has rarely taken more more than a few hours to write a paper (not including notation)

    I just like cafiene

  3. Yeah but Marty’s number one vice is good for his heart because his number one vice is Shannon. Except she’s not a vice, unless she’s a vice squad member but I think she would have to feather her hair or something and definitely wear more pastels and carry a gun in a shoulder holster or something.

    I think I had too much coffee this morning.

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