New Band Name

I am forming a new band, featuring the talents of a (future) Boston Bookstore Owner.*

Bench Pressed Crazy.

All songs will be written by Jack Murphy.

*unless I steal her and her husband to Chicago. Then, obviously, the store will be in my home town.

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6 thoughts on “New Band Name

  1. I’m still figuring that out myself. Starting this month, I’m going to be taking some classes about opening a small business and (really, swear-to-god) reading those business books I bought. I’ll be happy to share any knowlege I can glean.

    I also have some really great indie booksellers whose brains I plan to pick when I get closer to doing more than just dreaming about opening one.

    (This is probably about where Marty asks how my business plan is coming along, and I fire back asking about his personal statement.)

    One really neat thing that I’ve seen at the last few fall regional trade shows I’ve attended – they’re opening up the floor and workshops to “potential booksellers.” People who are in the process of opening a store can go, meet sales reps and authors, and hang out with other booksellers and ask questions. I have to try to find time to take off my publisher hat and sneak away to some of those panels at NEIBA next year.

  2. One thing you should know first: Books That Don’t Suck will not have employees; it will have minions. If you’re okay with that, I think we can work something out.

  3. Nonono, being a Books That Don’t Suck minion means you’re in a position of honor and prestige. Minionry (minionism? minionosity?) is a good thing, in this case, I promise.

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