my friends call me nikkos: What Paul Krugman Said

This is my buddy Nikkos blog–my pal from my Metroblogging days. Way back in the day (2005) we got into a number of political debates with a variety of people. SOme of them even operated with a modicum of respect and diligence.

Most of them were a bunch of assholes who needed to get out more.

I digress.

Currently, I am putting my theory that, “a right winger cannot argue with reason and rationality” to the test by engaging a gentleman named William in a comment contest. I am being contrite yet assertive–even when I’m being called stupid for no good reason.

First and foremost, check out Nikkos. Secondly, follow the comments in this thread. I promise it’ll be a hoot…

…mostly because I asked The Genius to help out.

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