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Today the blogosphere is awash in List Posts.  Darren, from the Build a Better Blog is teaching us to do list posts. Fair enough.

Top Three Reasons Why List Posts Will Not Help My Writing:

  • Lists are a tool, not a product

One can make lists of supporting and critical evidence.  Lists can be used to help frame a discussion.  Lists neither make the argument nor facilitate discussions.  Lists are, in my opinion, part one of a post.

  • Lists Oversimplify Issues

Lists are organizational tools to help define salient points.  They are used to divide complex issues into east-to-understand snippets.  One can make a list of topics to include in a particular project–and there by help expand one’s message–but  a list cannot convey the necessary nuance to make a cogent argument.  Modern living is a complex thing.  I recognize the need to simplify these issues, but ideas, thoughts and feelings need to be synthesized into something more than just a list.

  • Lists encourage lazy responses

Give me a list of things I am supposed to do, I’ll give you a list of reasons why I agree, why I shouldn’t do it or why I couldn’t complete the task at hand.  I believe this is a rather common response.  I recognize that people are busy, but I believe we should try and raise the bar for discourse.

  • Lists are Business Speak

This is an idea I’m stealing from Lauren. Lists are simple and easy ways for business folk to market ideas (and their authors) with a minimum of effort.

I understand the “List Post” is a fast and clean way to get information across. I recognize that they are an important tool for communication. I do not really see how this is the best idea for a better blog assignment. Am I missing the point here?

2 thoughts on “List Post

  1. They’re a great blog assignment because not everyone has a clue when it comes to formatting a blog post in a way that’s readable.

    They become massive braindumps of poorly organized information and I skim over them and don’t read them in my RSS feeds (or just don’t subscribe in the first place). I don’t think that lists are the end-all, be-all of great blogging, and in fact, I quite hate the “(blank) ways to (blank)” title scheme, no matter how successful it is. It’s a cheat/cop out for having a real title that explains what you’re talking about without using an overused, beaten down formula.

    That said, there is a place for lists in certain types of posts, and most bloggers are TERRIBLE at formatting when they start, so doing a list post is a good way to start teaching towards readability.

    It just doesn’t really apply to every single blog or blogger 🙂

  2. I’m new to the world of blogging, but I can see how lists can kind of make a blog feel cold and empty. But I have found it interesting trying to produce quality original content on a daily basis, maybe lists should be left on for brain storms and some discussion generators for those who are too busy to read. I don’t know. Anyway, later.

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