I’m waiting for Dawkins’ rebuttal.

I know I have a few Xians who read this blog. I still debate on wether or not I still believe, but that is a post for a different time. This post is about this video,which was sent to me by her boyfriend.

Now, I get the desire to reach out to today’s kids (and to people my age with a thing for 80s hip hop) but I don’t get this. It smacks of being a bad idea.

I mean, I cringed when I was at my confirmation retreat and my dad “role-played” Eric Clapton and discussed his (Eric’s, not my dad’s) faith.

I’d be lying if I didn’t acknowledge that I didn’t find this embarrassing and laughable. I’m pretty sure that kind of attitude isn’t going to do a lot for helping me understand the Xian mindset. I am not asking for permission to mock–I am actually asking for Xian perspectives.

I would like help understanding GodTube and this video in particular.

(Oh, and to be clear: Jack, minus this tag line, this post was 163 words.)

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  1. Well, the link doesn’t work, but as someone that grew up in a very Christian household (my grandfather is a minister) most “teen outreach” stuff embarrassed the hell out of me. I mean – could it get any fluffier/cheesier/less intelligent?

    It was enough to send me in some radical new (but still Christian) directions in College – particularly away from the kind of “teen outreach” that I so despised. So, if that’s anything like I”m thinking it might be (the reference to 80’s pop makes me wonder), no, I don’t get it either.

    Young people (gawd – can I even say that?) are not living in a sugar coated fluffy world like people seem to think, and – at least the kids I hung out with for the most part – they’re generally looking for some kind of actual spiritual food. But then, some of them really got into stuff I hated. So I guess I just don’t get it either 🙂

  2. Wow, that’s pretty horrid. I think I’ll show it to Dad, and make him laugh. I can’t honestly see how that’s going to positively influence anyone who doesn’t already consider themselves Xian, and may actually discourage anyone considering it.

  3. Your dad could do something *good* for Christians. … Got any pictures of him playing Guitar Hero or Rock Band?

  4. O.o

    Well. As usual with Christian-themed media, the production values suck rocks. (Ask me about Christian fiction sometime. When you have an hour or three to spare.) I’d think it was utterly atrocious if the guy were taking the video at all seriously, but I don’t think he is. Seems to me it’s intended more on the level of “stupid fun” than a Serious Outreach Tool for the Youth. (Seriously. “whiteboydj.com” and “I like ’em leather and bound”?)

    As it is, I only think it’s moderately atrocious. Worth an eyeroll, but not a full-bore cringe and/or rant.

    I’m totally with Anna on the disconnect between “youth-oriented” stuff and what the kids are actually experiencing. I think it’s one of the greatest failures of the current Church that they’ve allowed Christianity to fade into a generic “say your prayers and be nice” approach, when so many people of my generation and younger are totally desperate for something stronger. I often wonder if the vitiation of everyday Christianity is connected to the growth/mainstreaming of Wicca, which at least encourages you to take a serious look at what and why you believe. Most of what I believe – and more importantly, most of what I love – about God has come from books and not from other Christians, and that’s a sad state of affairs.

    More later, ’cause I’m sure I’ve skipped right over something-or-other I was trying to say.

  5. I dunno. This doesn’t strike me as a recruiting video for “the youth,” or as an actual statement of any kind. Really, it strikes me as a parody along the lines of Weird Al, only the background that informed it wasn’t being a nerdy comedian, but instead a Christian comedian.
    There are many examples of awkward recruitment efforts for any ideology, but there are far more examples of awkward attempts to be amusing posted on the internet. Personally, I’d regard this as more of the latter, a tongue in cheek joke that is funny in a modest way, only more so to someone who can get the in jokes. Kinda like watching a Star Trek satire. It’s a lot better if you get the references.

  6. I don’t think I have any pics of Dad playing Guitar Hero, but I could totally get a picture of him playing WoW, since I corrupted him, and got him hooked.

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