I am a bargain

I did some quick math today on how much I could be charging if I was in private practice. Given my recent numbers regarding group and evaluations, I did approximately $81,600 worth of “treatment.”

This is a low-ball estimate.

I got paid just a hair under 60k.

At these rates, I’m a goddamn steal!

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10 thoughts on “I am a bargain

  1. Yowza. If you’re a bargin I must be a fuckin’ steal. Sure, there’s not the same emotional turmoil and possible scarring in the museum field (unless you drop something priceless), but I still feel like a chump for fallling for the old “If you love your job it doesnt matter what you make” line. Seriously though, good for you for being aware of what your work is worth! I havent a clue. . .

  2. You know, Mart, something else occurs to me about this: What would you be spending on an office, a staff or assistant, security, utilities, and all that if you were in the private sector? How much is the badge worth? The difference between the two pay scales sounds like a lot, but how quickly does that difference get eaten up?

    Of course, there’s also the question of what it’d be worth to set your own hours, and all that. I don’t know, man.

  3. Doesn’t Marty get the Cook County Discount at all movie theaters? I saw him get that once in Chicago. It was awesome and I can’t wait till I can abuse my authority in a similar nature.

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