Writing, be it blogging, non-fiction, or fiction, is not a chore for me. My chores are the following:

Cleaning the Bathroom
Cleaning the Kitchen.

In order of preference:

Minor tasks

I cannot stand filing. It is the worst damn chore I have. At least when you clean a bathroom, you can remark at how the fruits of your labor for a few days. With filing, unless you do it multiple times a day, the “Clean Desk” lasts for roughly 8 hours.

Over the past few days, in between groups, phone calls, treatment planning and filming clips for a retirement party, I’ve managed to file all of my paperwork for my clients. I still need to finish all of my treatment folders, but for the kids that are my direct responsibility, all of my papers are in order.

The filing, however, has kept me from blogging fully. This is why, for the first time in 41 days, I missed a blog post. Granted, I was writing other things (stories that I won’t post on my blog), but I missed a day.

Sorry about that.

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