via Recovering From Burnout – Stress Management Techniques from Mind Tools.

It may be too late to talk about avoiding burnout. Maybe you’ve already reached the stage where you are thoroughly disillusioned with your job and where you no longer get anything of emotional value from it. You may feel let down or betrayed by your organization, and may be “going through the motions” just for the money your job brings in.

While you can deal with exhaustion by taking a good break, rest may not cure this sense of disillusionment. The passion and commitment that you previously brought to your job may now have completely burned out. Without this, your career may not progress much further.

I read this today and thought to myself, “hello tailor made article! I have found my salvation!” Despite having had a week off from the court, I am already feeling burned out at work. Again. I read through the rest of the article. I was underwhelmed. Goals, actions plans, personal coaches–these are all things that can work; however, goals and actions plans require a certain amount of time, dedication and inspiration to work on. Personal coaches cost money. I’d rather buy a pizza, a new mac or some jewelery than spend money on a coach.

Then I remembered: I have an Aunt who specializes in this. She’s agreed to help me out–at no charge!–to get back on track. I’ll be posting those sessions shortly.

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