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I’m a hack. A damn dirty blog hack. I have no skills, my posts suck and my grammar makes English teachers reach for their blood red pens.

Thanks to NaBloPoMo, I inflicted my dribble on the internet for 30 days straight. Now I’m going for 31 day. At some point, the content (and the writing) have to improve.

Due to the internet woes, Thanksgiving and high stress levels, I’ve been removed from my normal news sources. I’ve even started listening to more commercial radio (and for some godawful reason, Katy Perry is always playing when I do) to find something “new.” This is why I haven’t commented about politics, news or current events. I won’t blog about music or Chicago Radio: I don’t want to whine anymore. This explains my lack of content.

For November, it was just POST. December’s theme is “Thanks!” I see two cliches here. First we have the post-modern snark that fills the blogosphere. Then we have the sappy, gooey, saccharine “thanks!” of the Hallmark crowd. I don’t want to be associated with either of these groups. I’m trying to find a happy medium, but this is not easy.

3 thoughts on “Blog This

  1. Funny post – I’m not seeing much evident of the poor grammar or spelling though. I too try to avoid the radio when Katy Perry is playing. I’d wish you luck for this month’s nablopomo but you’ve already got one behind you – you’re surely a pro by now.

  2. While it is optional, I do appreciate a certain amount of structure, especially when I feel like phoning it in. It is better than “Gifts” or “Mistletoe.”

    So far, however, I’ve managed to stick it out.

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