A few thoughts…

I’m not sure all of these are accurate observations. They’re also coming to me as I watch Muppet Show Clips on YouTube.

1) Are the Red States the ones who take most of the federal dollars?

2) Why does it seem that the states that are dominated by Republican leaders, the ones that whine about intrusive governments, are the same ones with Blue Laws?

3) Why are republicans screaming about the “fair use doctrine” but have no issue about gutting NPR?

5 thoughts on “A few thoughts…

  1. Going back to when we were young, in 1995 Gringrich attempted to cut NPR’s and PBS’ funding. In 2005 they tried again. I can’t imagine that someone won’t make noise about cutting funding this year.

  2. NPR is full of crazy liberals, just like PBS.

    I honestly think that most if it is that most of them disagree with the very concept of NPR & PBS. Why do we need public radio or television? Private enterprise, my boy!

    (As for me, you will pry my PBS/NPR out of my cold, dead hands…)

  3. The more right-wing the state, the greater the ratio of money received from the federal gov’t vs money generated in taxes.

    Another odd money thing: the states with highest percentages of evangelical-claiming residents have the highest percentage of payday loans companies.

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