Help my Jenny

My friend Jenny is doing all sorts of amazing and interesting work in forensic anthropology. She’s in England working her butt off and drinking more beer than I can dream of. And I frequently dream of beer.

This morning I got an email from her asking for help in her dissertation. It ‘s a survey and it takes ten, fifteen minutes, tops. Go here and help her out.

This isn’t a Chicago thing, so you only have to do it once and it doesn’t have to be early. However, you do have to do it.

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22 thoughts on “Help my Jenny

  1. Indeed I did. They deemed me too hot for their show. They were worried about my pants bursting into flames and setting fire to the other dudes hair. They wore too much product.

  2. I would like to avoid the topic of Chuck’s pants. There is a story here that needs to be shared. A horrible, traumatic story that induced hysterical blindness in those of us who were witness too it.

  3. Is this the same thing I was witness to? I remember the pants hitting the floor, and then I was temporarily blinded and shreiking in horror. 😎

    C – whose ass did you pull the sum of $200 from? Surely my undying gratitude and the offer to buy you a pint should you ever get your ass over here is enough, eh? 😛

  4. Jenny has a different event in mind but it was from a different…perspective.

    Marty has PTSD.

    Shannon, everyone is afraid of my flaming pants. There are whole myth cycles devoted to the fear of my pants and that which they keep barely contained.

  5. Sweet Zombie Jesus! Marty, did you get a full frontal? Should I even ASK how much alcohol was involved??

    He set fire to his face? Why do I always miss out on the good stuff. What are you guys doing for New Years this year? I want in and say someone needs to throw one hell of a party!

  6. Jenny – Every blog I read on Tuesday had links to your survey. So I took it, goddamnit. Best of luck with it!

    Marty – we promised each other we’d never talk about that event EVER AGAIN. NEVER. Mark’s never been the same since.

    Jenny – You must’ve missed it. It involved a basement BSFFA party, Brad Lowery, and an Atomic Fireball. My response? “Uh, Chuck? Uh…your face is on fire.”

  7. I was at that party – that was Brad’s “Wrath” drink for the 7 Deadly Sins theme at Around the World my Junior year. I was sitting on your bed when he came in and dropped his drawers. Hair EVERYWHERE! Hence the aforementioned shrieking and blindness. 😛 Must have missed/forgotten about the fire.

    I remember Greg E. suckin’ down one of those “Hellfire” drinks and standing over me while he fought not to throw up. I don’t think the fire mixed well with the G&T. Heh heh

    Thanks for filling out the survey!

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