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My dear Cousin (who is gifted with the art of sarcasm) asks the following question:

“Why would anyone ask you a question if all you are doing to find the answer is a “quick google search”?”

That is not all I do when I answer a question I don’t immediately have an answer to. In truth, a quick google search take a few hours–first a few carefully worded query, then a lot of reading various websites. The magic happens when I answer the question. People can easily google an answer, Dear Jack, but can they get my (half) Wit responses OR the illuminating answers from my other readers? No. So to be direct-people will ask me questions because my answers come with Flair.

VON asked me:

Why is it so hard to meet new people in one’s day to day exsistance? Does the use of cell phones have an effect on chatting up strangers?

This weekend, I was lucky enough to go to a wedding with Shannon to her friend Allison’s wedding. I met one or two “new” people–but they were friends of Shannon’s so it doesn’t necessarily count. This is how I have met new people–through her. I think in this modern age, it is harder to meet people because we have all sorts of gadgets that keep us in our comfort zones. Cell phone are a prime example of this.

Say you’re on the Bus or the L and you’re bored. You can either converse with the stranger who is reading something you are interested in (if it is socially appropriate) or you can call/text/email someone who you already know? Given that people are more insular these days given the very nature of gadgets, the social-appropriateness of conversing with strangers is at an all time low.

My suggestion, therefore, is to do the next best thing. Take advantage of your friends and get to know their friends–Like I did with Shannon last weekend. This is by far easier than changing society all by yourself.

Come back next week for more questions and witty responses! As always, comments are open to help add flair that you can’t find anywhere else!

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7 thoughts on “New Logo, New Question: The Bastard Answers your Questions

  1. the social-appropriateness of conversing with strangers is at an all time low.

    Also, the scariness of strangers is at an all-time high. Seems like every time I get sucked into a conversation with a stranger (cabbies, airplane seat-mates), they’re eager to discuss their fascinating theories on the coming race war or share the Good News of Jesus Christ with me, etc., etc. Doesn’t anyone just comment on the weather or mention the latest Spurs game or anything anymore?

  2. Res, if you and I lived in the same town I would totally chat you up, stranger, and mention the Spurs or something else equally exciting.

  3. @Res

    I wonder if the scariness has to do with the fact that we are all isolated because of these gadgets? having lived around nerd with poor social skills, the verbal garbage your citing is strangely familiar (but a lot more scary). The nerdier we get the worse it gets.

    As an aside, the last time I had a good conversation with a cabby, I was giving him the number of an immigration lawyer–he was being deported back to Iran even though he was a civil rights lawyer with a fatwah demanding his death.

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