Ask A Bastard: Vonnie Edition 2


Vonnie asked the following questions.

Dear Ask A Bastard –
I feel like I might die without my computer. Will I die without my computer? How can I make Best Buy expedite my computer repair? Also, why didn’t you call me to go for sushi? I would totally have done that…..

Dearest Vonnie:
You are experiencing withdrawal. It is worse than death. When the shakes begin, I recommend treating them with strong German beer. You probably have no problem getting strong German beer.

As for making Best Buy hurry up the repair, there is one way to do that. Call them every day. Talk to supervisors. Discuss how they’ve promised to have things done sooner, how they’ve been uncooperative. Also, demand that you get back ups and that they keep you updated.

To your final point: On Saturday, I wanted to be left alone. I wanted to eat sushi, play WoW and work on a short story. I was a crank bastard.

Any additional questions?

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