Ask a Bastard: Tricycle of Awesome Edition


In this edition of Ask a Bastard, we are going to delve into 1/3 of the Tricycle of Awesome. VONNIE. Ask the questions you want to know about VON, and I will provide you entirely factual, well researched, answers.

If you want to know about the Tricycle Of Awesome, ask Shannon. Yesterday, on the way home from the parade, she declared it would be a feature of her blog–so pester her to make sure she follows through.

9 thoughts on “Ask a Bastard: Tricycle of Awesome Edition

  1. Niall and I want to know where is the strangest place Von has made “whoopie”?

    And if Von was a part of the body, what would she be?

  2. TheMarty….we’re waiting…..the answers? Though, we might need to discuss a couple first ahem Kristin and Niall, ahem AG….
    Oh, MenD. The tricycle of awesome naming was a fantastic moment on Sunday. If I had a chance to blog (if I had a computer) I would tell the story. Perhaps Shannon or TheMarty will ‘splain.


    The answers go up on monday–and you will be my fact checker. While every answers will be true, there are some Truths that are more Truthful than others.

    As always, I will be answering the questions. Any other any answer will be deleted.

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