Ask A Bastard: Prelude to Awesome Edition


Howdy Readers. I’ve got two questions I can find–I am kinda phoning this in today, because I have something really cool planned for later–and these are difficult to answer. However, given that these are two of my favorite regulars, I will endeavor to answer these questions with drama and flair.

Her Royal Highness, Falconesse, asks:

1) I see you’ve linked the profiles to the books you’re recommending. How about a suggestion that, rather than buying the books over the intarwebz, interested parties should mosey on down to their local independent bookstores and buy them from there? A handy link for finding indies near you in 3…2…1… linky!

This is great suggestion. I also recommend that people go to the indie bookstore by there residence. Personally, I recommend Amazon out of laziness.

Most of my blog entries are done through ecto. It auto links book images and text from Amazon. I click a button and it fires up the Amazon search feature. I do this out of sheer laziness.

However, the next version of ecto should have more plug-ins. I’ll see if i can either make the Indie book plugin or download it

2) Why do my customers only call with major crises on days that I’m not at work? (And, to follow that up, am I a bad person for being slightly relieved I got to escape the verbal abuse this time around, even while I feel guilty that it got passed on to my awesome coworker and my boss?)

Murphy’s Law says that the most annoying people call when it is most inopportune. This is the Universe’s way of keeping us humble and/or keeping us on our toes. Here’s what happens. You go on vacation. The universe then tells crazy client, “This would be the perfect time to freak out.” Being the universe, Crazy responds.

Crazy responds Epically.

As to the second point, you are not a bad person and you should not feel guilty about your coworkers having to tank crazy while you are gone. It is the universe’s fault crazy goes crazy when you are away. The universe is without guilt, therefore, you should take a page from the universe.

The always wonderful AG asks

Next week’s question: How does one make friends in the suburbs, where she knows nobody and everyone is either 10 years younger and says things like How R U over e-mail, or have been married since they were 21 and have three kids? Essentially, how do I make some friends in this tragedy of an area I call home?

Making friends is always hard, regardless of location. People who have an easy time making friends typically surround themselves with acquaintances, not friends. Developing friendship is not easy–and it shouldn’t be. It should be a worthwhile endeavor.

To start the process, you have to put yourself out there. Find a place you’re comfy–a Dive bar, a indie coffee house, a hookah bar–and settle into a routine. Look on their bulletin boards for “community nights:” locally sponsored events like book clubs, game nights, speed knitting contests those actives that the AG might like. Those are the activities you end up doing. That’s how you’ll start making friends.

I, personally, made the decision not to make friends with people in my neighborhood. I spent more time in other parts of my city (or in other cities in particular) so I view my place as a nerd refuge. I am comfortable with my choice (and looking forward to selling this place–so if the AG knows anyone in chicago looking for a 1 bedroom condo near a Temple and a vie of the lake, she should send them this way).

Also, try looking into your Temple or Synagogue. There has to be some social support for the AG there.

Any other advice for AG?

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4 thoughts on “Ask A Bastard: Prelude to Awesome Edition

  1. I have a handful of suggestions.

    A friend of mine joined/started a cooking club.

    Volunteering is a great way to meet people. I think I actually volunteered back in the day with OPB. I don’t know if that org. still exists (I don’t think it does) but there are lots of organizations out there that need help.

    In Chicago, I think the radio stations have events all the time. I never attended any of the bike rides that XRT sponsors, but I spoke with people who have and enjoyed them.

    Check out the local music scene (if you like local music). You may want to research the bands first – to not run into lots of teens. Also – something popular where I’m at is roller derby. There are two teams in Chicago (no suburbs though).

    Good luck! I agree with OPB’s suggestions btw.

  2. I would so heart an AG fan club! I have the perfect t-shirt for it and will wear it when I see y’all next!

    So, I connected into the synagogue. I am part of a few meet-ups, I found two new great friends by doing the strictly platonic thing on Craig’s List and I am working on more things. It’s good to have good people around me. It takes some work, but it’s totally worth it. I never want to feel alone again. I am thinking in a few months, I won’t ever feel alone again. In fact, I will yearn for that feeling because we always want what we don’t have.

    Big hug to all because today is a day like that.

  3. question(s) for next week – a good restaurant to recommend, close to downtown? I’ve been out of the area so long that I can’t think of anything good to recommend to a friend.

    ALSO – what do you think of the Chicago sports teams (specifically baseball?) What did your parents think of them?

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