Ask a Bastard: More Questions, More Answers

First, thanks to the readers who left comment-questions. I appreciate it. What I need now is a graphic for this feature; therefore, I will be asking readers to come up with an actual JPEG graphic for Ask A Bastard™. The Winner will receive a CD, “World’s Greatest Covers Vol. 1”. People who submit a design will receive praise and good karma.

Everyone wants good karma.

Anyway, on to the questions:

First, Torteya asks:

I was gonna ask where I can go to watch people beat other people but I guess I no longer need to.
Is beatings-voyeurism wrong?

Beating Voyeurism is not typically “wrong.” People pay money to watch other people get beaten all the damn time. Football, hockey, boxing, Ultimate Fighting–beating voyeurism is a part of human nature. The voyeurism becomes wrong when the context of the beating occurs. When the beatings aren’t consensual, the beat downs are bad. For instance, if you see one person kicking the ever-living-shit out of another, and it isn’t a boxing ring, just standing around and watching is bad.

When the object of the beat down is a living thing and cannot assert consent (eg: a dog) the beat down is wrong.

To recap: Consent to beating means it is okay to watch. Coolio?

Moving on we have TWO questions from my favorite VON:
There, TheMarty, a question to be answered next Monday?
Why yes, VON, A question and an answer. We’re on a roll!


Why do people get sick more often when the weather changes? Or is it just me. I have to go cough up a lung now.


It has been my experience that people get sick when the weather changes because of the effect that the air has on our lungs. Case in point: I have had asthma since I was 5, and every time the seasons change, I have to use my inhaler more frequently. In my specific case, the colder air irritates my bronchial tubes, increasing mucous production and giving me that sexy wheeze that keeps Shannon up all night with worry. The transition between seasons also brings on more allergens, such as molds and pollen, that also make your lungs try to leap out of your chest in revolt.

I recommend wearing scarves until spring and avoiding dairy products until the seasons stabilize.

And last, but certainly not least, is the talented Ms. Z

Why do I always lurk without leaving comments?


If I didn’t know better, I would say that the reason why you lurk is because you are too shy to leave a comment. We both know that is patently false. I suspect that these days you lurk because either: I am saying something that is not interesting or you are too busy to write something that is a testament to your wit. Since we are both liberal arts kids, we can agree that the answer is somewhere in the middle.

There you have it folks: The second installment of Ask a Bastard. Keep the questions coming–they may help me study for the GRE.

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