10 thoughts on “Ask a Bastard: Logos

  1. I like Ask a Ba. Speaking of : Question for next week: Why are people, specifically women, so evil and predisposed to talking shit about others all the freakin’ time. Why? Why, bastard, why?

  2. I like the idea of the frowny face, but instead of a zoom in, I’d make it pop, put a couple of layers of colored rings behind it, give it a more animated, but flat, look—for Samurai Jack/Kim Possible—to counterpoint the word Bastard. I’d also make it transparent-backed to slot right into the site.

  3. Oh Wise Bastard, an unresolved question nags me terribly: Why oh why, do I always wait to go take a piss until my bladder is 150% full? This is situation-independent, I’m afraid.

  4. Oh lord. I was afraid that this was the issue with Chuckles.

    Sweetie, you are. AG is going to come to DC the last weekend of the month. Just try to be sane until then.

    AG and Shannon and Von love you. You got plenty of women to love. And that yummy OG.

    Did AG just type that?

    Oh me. Oh my!

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