Ask A Bastard: Dinner Edition (UPDATE!)


Not a week for questions I guess.

Aerin asks:

question(s) for next week – a good restaurant to recommend, close to downtown? I’ve been out of the area so long that I can’t think of anything good to recommend to a friend.

This depends on what your friend want to eat. Personally, near the down town area, I would hit:


Gimme an idea of what folks want to eat and their budget, and we can have a list to you in 3 hours.

Also, check out Metromix first and Yelp second. Metromix can give you an overview, while Yelp can give you specific accounts from non-revieiwers.

ALSO – what do you think of the Chicago sports teams (specifically baseball?) What did your parents think of them?

I am a Bears fan–the rest of the sports teams I don’t care that much about.

My dad followed all sports, but, he was a Soxs fan and a die-hard Bears fan. My mom was a sports fan insomuch as my dad introduced them to her. She was a cubs fan before she met my dad, and she never changed allegiances.

VON asked, “Why do crickets chirp?”

Elementary my dear VON. The Chirp is the insect equivalent of Marvin Gaye, Al Green and Barry White–smooth mating calls.

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18 thoughts on “Ask A Bastard: Dinner Edition (UPDATE!)

  1. Thanks! That answers both my questions.

    I think it would be odd to be a Chicago native and not have a baseball preference, but that’s just me. My parents are split as well, my Dad is a huge White Sox fan (and has been since the 50s). My Mom is a Cubs fan but will root for either team.

    Have you been to the new (updated) stadium to a game?

  2. True story: After spending at least 30 minutes browing my local Borders (Hey! There are absolutely nothing but big box chain bookstores around!) I ended up picking Rick Bayles’ “Mexican Regional Cooking” book. It really surprised me the depth of the book. Not to mention that he includes a lot of tips whose “authenticity” I can vouch for. Believe me, I was at first feeling iffy about buying a mexican cookbook in the US (being from south of the border myself), but his book is really excellent.

    So far, everything I’ve tried (which, to be fair, is not that much. I probably got it months before I went veggie and lots of mexican food demands animals) is great. It is really not “mexican food for americans”, it’s just -mexican food-.

    I’ve also watched his show Mexico: One Dish at a Time, and I find it excellent. The dude knows hardcore mexican cooking. They are also sponsored by arguably the best-tasting mexican beer: Bohemia. Yum!

    I’ve never eaten at his restaurants (Topolobampo/Frintera Grill), but I’ve heard nothing but good things about them. I’d love to eat there some day.

  3. You get a chance to learn the answer to any question you like — it can be anything at all. What question would you love to ask but NOT want to know the answer to?

  4. my question for next week – why do friends plan gatherings for the same day? (There’s no way to merge the gatherings, sadly). How do you decide which party to go to?

  5. More questions:

    Please note the ketchup stain removal above.

    Von still owes me a car advice post.

    I also want to know what to look for in a gay bar? My single, straight, female friend has never been and wants to go. Given that AG is Res and Midniter’s hag, she is unaware of what a single, female, hetereo, would want in a gay bar in terms of going to one and seeing what they are like. AG knows what she wants, but let’s not discuss Make-Out Fest 2008 at the Annex in San Antonio, TX. 🙂

    Most important question: What does it mean when a guy you like asks if he can join you next week at your synagogue services? He quantifies it with “This may sound weird”.


    AG thinks it’s not weird, but not sure what this all means.

    He is not Orthie, he was raised Conservative, and leans Reform. He holds an impressive day school background and a very expensive and elite Jewish high school pedicure. He himself generally only goes on High Holidays to services, does not observe kashrut rules, but is a firm believer in tradition and allowing his putative wife to determine what their kids will practice. He does however believe in shabbat meals for the kiddies on Friday nights. (It won’t be kosher per se, but no pork or seafood will be served.)

    He dated shiksas at the Ivy leagues, so he can swing both ways.

    And then if you take him to synagogue, is it weird to go back to your house and make-out like rabbits? (That would be a second question in this suspense filled little gem.)

    This is one of the few dating questions AG does not have advice for. What does it mean? Is this typical after a few very causal dates? AG needs to be in the know. AG needs to re-read and re-think her dating advice. The world is far more complicated than AG’s PhD in dating would have suggested when she obtained it in 1998.

    Oy gevalt! AG is losing her edge. Back to re-reading “Boy Vey!”

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