Ask A Bastard: Chrome Edition

I have a lot of comments to read, think about and respond to.  However, Ask A  Bastard deserves its day in the sun as well.  AS for the Chrome Edition…well, I’m running chrome off a flash drive.

First from Itanya:
What should I give the Husband for our Fifth Anniversary?

Here is what I know of Husband: Secular humanist, nerd, and die hard Cubby fan. He is also patient, sweet and thoughtful. From that perspective, I think anything you get him that has a degree of thought to it will be well received and appreciated.

I see this going down a few roads. Budget concerns are something on everyone’s mind lately, so I think buy Cubs tickets for a home game would be impossible (but highly recommended). Likewise, a new video card would probably go over well, but without knowing his rig, I can’t really help.

Downtown Portland is another option. In my brief three day stay in your fair city, I had a wonderful time in a fancy hotel which also walking distance from some fantabulous food. There are also a number of wineries within a few hours of downtown Portland. If the Husband drinks wine, then I whole heartedly recommend finding a deal on a winery with a hotel or B&B nearby. Gifts are nice, but experiences are better.

If you still want to get him a physical token of your love and affection, then I think you’re drifting towards the nerd realm. Maybe these with a poem about how he is your light? A fancy dress shirt with cuff-links?

Since I do have to give a final recommendation, I’d say go for the experience over the product. The Experience, getting away from things and enjoying each other’s company, would good for both of you. The Experience cannot be lost or stolen. In the end, I think having each other is far more important than anything at Think-Geek.

Second, but never second place anywhere else, we have VON:
If my mind is blown, how can I ask a proper question?
See, VON, the question comes first. The mind blowing answer comes second–though if I really wanted to blow minds, I’d answer questions before they were asked. I’m not psychic (or psychotic), but I can still blow your mind with the proper question.

So let’s say you figured out the question, and my answer was so spot on that your mind was blown. Then what? You may be stunned for a week or two, but the world we live in is so banal and cynical that the mind I had blown would be brought back down to earth. It would only be a matter of time before you had another question of pressing importance for me to answer.

Fellow 10-year Alumni SaraQ asks: What is with my recurring dreams where my chance to go snow skiing gets thwarted (last night, by a wedding and thugs who stole the bride’s ring)?

It is your unconscious mind telling you that strapping wood or fiberglass planks to your feet and racing down a mountain is a bad, bad idea. Your brain is telling you to solve mysteries and beat up thugs rather than put yourself at risk of DEATH. Seriously, skiing is bad. Really bad.

And last, but not least, we have Aerin:
If you could go back 10 – 15 years in a time machine, what would you tell yourself? What would you not tell yourself? (besides buy google and yahoo stock and sell at the high).

How have the years changed your perspective on high school – or has your perspective changed at all? Do you think that you went to a good high school? (Just curious, we went to the same high school but I know that different alums I’ve spoken with have different perspectives on it)

I would tell myself to read more and speak up all the time. I would tell myself, “just because psych is easy for you to Grok, you should still really do your assignments.” I would tell myself to spend more time with my parents.

I have shifted further left the older I have gotten. My perspectives have changed in that I think we have a lot farther to go to have a more egalitarian and equitable society. Also, much to the disappointment of my Global Relations teacher, I don’t think that simply providing evidence in a well crafted argument is enough to sway people’s opinions.

However, the basis of who I am stems from high school. If it wasn’t for LT and Snowball, I never would have developed the confidence to come into my own and do half of what I have done today.  So yes, I think we went to a fantastic high school.  Our education was excellent and the extracurricular activies let us put our skills into practice.

That being said, I would never go back to high school now.  Nor would I go back to college.  Where I went to school was perfect for me at each age.  There’s no real reason to go back…


…except one. I have one regret from high school.  I should have asked someone out sooner than I did.  Other than that, I’d say I made out pretty damn well.

More questions next week people. Ask away!

5 thoughts on “Ask A Bastard: Chrome Edition

  1. What do you do if you feel you’re coming down with a cold?

    btw – Itanya, in addition to OPB’s recommendations, I recommend a Zambrano jersey (if you can find one and if your husband doesn’t already have one).

    And thanks for your well thought out answers OPB. Was there even a global relations class/teacher at our high school? That sounds vaguely familiar. What did they talk about??!?

  2. My next question: How do I know if a guy likes me? How do I know if he’s lying? How do I not make this sound like a bad Whitney Houston song?

    at the request of the VON, this comment has been removed.

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