Three Kings

In Catholic tradition, the Feast of the Three Kings is a Holy Day of Obligation. It is a celebration of the arrival of the Three Magi in Bethlehem. In my family’s tradition, it is also the arrival of my Aunt Greg and Uncle Susan, with cousins Sara and Emily in tow.

This year, there was dancing.

(The VodPod link automatically played the video. I’m not doing that to you all))

In fact, there was even a conga line. I’ll be posting that one shortly.


My typical Saturday morning ritual includes: Listening to Morning Edition, Car Talk and cleaning the bathroom. I did both of these things, as well as washed a metric fuck ton of laundry. I would have liked to have done more around the house–clean up the study, bake banana bread–but I’m stuck with having a sparkling bathroom, clean dishes and fresh laundry.

There is something about a day full of a chores that drains one of motivation.

This, however, seems to have boosted my motivation slightly:

Its out on Tuesday.