BSG at the UN

This comment, via A ‘Battlestar Galactica’ panel discussion at the United Nations | The Watcher, makes me wonder if this individual ever saw the show.

Of course the UN would select BG as a show to study: it humanizes terrorism, it presents the army as a bunch of emotionally bankrupt violent people, it mocks Christianity, monotheism and religion, it presents everything through the prism of moral equivalency. I was surprised that Noam Chomsky was not selected to play the captain’s role, and Bernadine Dohrn to play the president. Not to mention the absolutely horrible acting, the cheesy dialogue, and the story-lines which always evolved in the most illogical, however very new-agey way. Every episode of BG is an insult to the viewer’s intelligence, as every decision and statement that comes out of the UN is a similar insult. What next? The UN will invite the cast of Grey’s Anatomy and Ugly Betty for a symposium? The UN is a corrupt and pathetic organization. Why is it any news that a 3rd rate organization chose to study a 3rd rate TV show? The whole thing would be comical if it wasn’t this pathetic.

While every commentor is allowed to have their own opinion, this one screams “I DON’T WATCH THE SHOW BUT I’M AN ANGRY RIGHT WINGER.”

Like a lot of good SCIFI, BSG discusses modern day issues within a different context.  It is not like essay by a pundit, but it is a valid discussion of the world in the 21 century.

Also, Bad acting?  If we want to see bad, pathetic acting, we should jsut look at the republicans kissing Limbaugh’s ring.  That’s pathetic, bad acting.