My typical Saturday morning ritual includes: Listening to Morning Edition, Car Talk and cleaning the bathroom. I did both of these things, as well as washed a metric fuck ton of laundry. I would have liked to have done more around the house–clean up the study, bake banana bread–but I’m stuck with having a sparkling bathroom, clean dishes and fresh laundry.

There is something about a day full of a chores that drains one of motivation.

This, however, seems to have boosted my motivation slightly:

Its out on Tuesday.

Phoning it in Saturday

In his last podcast, George RR Martin talked about the fact that he is, first and foremost, a fan. Not just a reader (and writer) of SciFi and Fantasy, but a fan. This begs the open thread question: What are you a fan of?

By fan, we mean more than just a passive participant. We mean someone who lives, breathes and creates content. Fill us in on your dirty little fanboy/Fangirl secret.