Holy Shit! Sunday?!

I worked half the day on Saturday, and Scott Simon was on Sunday Edition this morning. It’s really played with my idea of time today. So, for the first of March, I phone it in with a pic of the dog I would love to own one day.


I have no idea what to call dream dog.* Feel free to leave one in the comments.

*Its a dream dog. Owning this dog is based solely on what I deem cute. If we could have, and afford, a dog a this point, I do no think dream dog would work.

biz in boots

biz in boots

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I know I said there would be fiction on friday–at least a sample of something that I have written–but having made this pledge early Thursday morning, I have not yet had the time to flush out my ideas. I had time to scribble them down during lunch yesterday…

But why would you care. Look at Biz. He’s adorable! He’ll distract you while I work on my writings…

update: I seem to have lost my hand written notes. crap.