Someone Read My Letter

On November 9, 2016, I wrote this to President Obama. I don’t want to revisit it too deeply. I simply said what I felt: That I, and many other people like me, let him down. I also made it clear that I was going to do what I can to mitigate Cheeto Mussolini’s and the White Supremacist Republican’s damage to the country.

I believe the order of operations was as follows: Wrote the post in WordPress, cut and pasted it into an email form, had a friend point out the typo (thanks Roger!) and moved on to fulfilling the letter itself.

Turns out, someone else read it.

White House Security Confirmation Page

According to my contact person, the President was touched by my letter. He also said my letter was “passed around the office, and it touched a cord.” I lost my shit about that AFTER the idea of the President reading my letter set in. He also said it was the least they could do for the sentiment.

Today we got confirmation that we will get a tour of the White House this weekend. All of us.

If I was a big believer in signs, I would say that this is a clear indication that I should return to regular blogging and writing. As of right now, all I will commit too is showing off pictures of DC and pushing back against a rising tide of bullshit.



McConnell’s Own Words on Senate Gridlock : Roll Call Opinion

Let me take the set of issues that Reid and McConnell debated to a different level. Who is responsible for the Senate’s constipation? McConnell put the blame squarely on Reid for the practice of filling the amendment tree and shutting Republicans out of the debate. He has a point, one I have made often when exploring balanced ways of reforming Senate rules. But McConnell went on to talk poignantly about how Senate Republicans have repeatedly offered a hand for cooperation, only to have it slapped away rudely by Reid, the president and Senate Democrats.

McConnell’s Own Words on Senate Gridlock : Roll Call Opinion.


Coming from the “Raging Moderate” employed by AEI (a Koch Brothers Company). Tell me again how “Both Sides” are responsible for the gridlock.

Values, Morals and Get The Fuck Away From Me.


Over the past few months, I have given a lot of thought to what I believe in and how I live my life. A number of individuals on the Right–the loud mouthed bastards that have co-opted and perverted conservative values–have deemed that I have no morals and it is people like me who ruin the country. For evidence, turn on Fox News or Talk Radio, and listen to hear some some over paid, poorly educated mouth piece rail on unions, liberals, “college students” and so on. I am not interested (today) on who says what and who started this fight. I’m more interested in say the following:

My values and beliefs are not so different than yours.

I believe in making the world fair for everyone. I believe in my family. I want the government out of my bedroom. I want the government to keep me safe from corporate interests. I appreciate the sacrifice of the troops, the dedication of teachers, the enlightenment brought on by artists and I admire the work ethic of my fellow Americans. I want unbiased, factual reporting of the news.

My pay has been stagnant for three years, and this year, I’m taking hits on my health insurance, my pay and my personal time. This puts me squarely with the majority of this country: Left behind in the “recovery.”

This has been, and will be, the position from which I argue every belief, value and moral I hold dear. For the most part, I believe a number of people on the Right share some form of these values. Their meaning, priority and execution are completely different than mine; however, this is the position I start and–until proven otherwise–I assume the Right has as well. They say the believe it all the time, so I try and take it at face value.

If I can start from this position, I think just about anyone can. If you can’t meet me half way, get the fuck away from me.


Today’s Thought:

How can we compromise or collaborate with people who refuse to believe in facts? Facts like:

Progressives love their country.

Obama is not a secret muslim terrorist out to destroy Christmas.

The top tier of American economy contains 25% of the country’s wealth.

The only common ground is my first point. A point that a number of people on the right refuse to acknowledge. Without even that basic level of understanding, how the hell do we hope to accomplish anything?

The picture and the text are barely related

The Luchador will smite you for your hubris

Funny thing about the most recent election: The Progressive Caucus survived. The Blue Dogs didn’t. Blue Dogs are Democrats in Name Only, folks who are more than willing to pull the part to the RIGHT in order to compromise with the Republicans. Some would argue that BlueDogs were moderate, and i would agree with that idea: Blue Dogs are Moderate Republicans. Where are they now?

Probably working for a lobbying firm off of K street.

The spin from this election has been, “The American People have spoken and they want change.” It is more likely that the American People have Spoken, and they are scared. The Republicans had a very simple answer with a clear scapegoat.

The Dems? I cannot even begin to tell you what our message was, and I’m fairly well informed.

What Today Brings

Chief Mamma Grizzly isn’t a monarch-maker, and I have no idea how well Senator DeMint cronies held out. I do know I would trade Harry Reid for Russ Feingold every day of the week, and twice on days where we need a real progressive politician.

I have no idea what yesterday’s election means. Does it mean that America is full of Tea-Party Contributors (unlikely)? Does it mean Americans are pissed off that things are changing fast enough (probably)? Does it mean that Americans reject a progressive agenda–hell no.

To determine whether or not we have turned away from Progressive and Liberal ideas, we would have to have Progressive Candidates. Contrary to the Tea Party and RNC’s beliefs, President Obama is not that left leaning. He is a moderate Democrat. The pendulum has swung so far to the right that Arlen Spector was considered a Moderate and Obama is considered a liberal.

I am faced with the idea that many Americans have rejected moderate liberalism. Then again, two years ago Americans rejected “Compassionate Conservatism.” Instead of reject political ideologies, I think Americans are freaking out over a broken economy. The next few weeks will be a more clear indication of the country’s political beliefs.

A Simple Guide to Political Categorization

Given that human beings have a tendency to categorize, it should come as no surprise that this peculiar human trait is also used when discussing particular beliefs systems. People fuss over the definition–and label–of terms like progressive, liberal, conservative, big D Democrat, big R Repulican, Blue Dog and fascist. I could spend all of NaBloPoMo trying to suss this out; however, I think that in order to do it properly, I’d get far too involved with blogging to get any other work done. Instead of trying to define and label all of these terms, I’m going to focus on particular event that can cut across a number of these categories; furthermore, this event can be used heuristically to help identify what labels are appropriate.

In short–and this is a continuation of yesterday’s quick thought–I am proposing this simple test: If you blame a victim of sexual assault and bandy about terms like “personal responsibility” and “boys will be boys” you are disqualified from being considered liberal, progressive and a feminist.

I recognize that it is difficult to define certain philosophies. I also realize that “moral absolutes” and universal statements are dangerous places to go philosophically. In addition to these realizations, I’m pretty sure that this this kind of a statement will make some of my readers–new, old or established–upset because I’m being too harsh.

When one blames a victim for a crime, one is saying that (at best) their poor judgement is the moral equivalent of the pain that has been inflicted on them. Minimizing, Justifying and rationalizing a crime with the statement of, “well she should have known better” is a distortion displayed by the people perpetrating the crime. When the larger community blames a victim, it continues to traumatize the victim.

In short, if you blame a victim, you are traumatizing the victim. You are showing a callous disregard for their experience. In my experience of talking with victims and victim advocates, victims of crimes–especially victims of a sexual assault–already have an inordinate amount of guilt and shame. Victims feel as if other people are holding them responsible for their victimization. These feelings, for some victims, continue inward to the point where a victim blames oneself for their pain. As a result of this emotional trauma, they begin to feel that they have this pain coming, that they have somehow deserved this because they are bad, stupid or “slutty.”

Blaming a victim is one step away from abusing the victim.

I honestly do not care if this is considered too harsh. I have seen multiple generations of families suffering from victim blaming. I have read far too many victim statements and talk to far too many State’s Attorneys who have told me far too much about how the victim “is spiraling out of control and no one is able to help her.”

When a person is victimized, the offender is the one that is responsible for their trauma. They are the ones who chose to cross boundaries. They are the ones who decided to violate societal norms for their own needs. If you want to blame society for sexualizing young women and having conflicting sexual mores, feel free to do so. But if you are going to blame a victim, recognize that you have far too much in common with an offender than I am comfortable with.

If you’re uncomfortable with the dissonance you might feel, then change your mind about victim blaming. Don’t rationalize it. Do not justify it. Change it.