Update: Beer in the Shower


Two weeks ago, we took a trip to New Glarus, Wisconsin where we indulged in encased meats and beer. As is typical for our Wisconsin ventures, we brought back a few cases for our continued enjoyment.  Given the amount of beer we have, I was reminded that I have a post here about Drinking Beer in the Shower.  Version 2.0 is coming folks. The question is which New Glarus beer should I review?


Leave your answer in the comments. This isn’t attention whoring, it is for straight up science.



90 Minutes For Beer

Tony and I are currently enroute to Racine, Wisconsin for Beer.

But Marty, you may think, aren’t there liquor stores in Chicago? Why yes, there are amazing liquor stores in chicago. I’m a member of a Binny’s, a fantastic chain in Chicago. But Binny’s does not have New Glarus beer. Binny’s does not Cran-bic, new Belgian red, Fat Squirrel or Organic Revolution. these are, by far, the greatest beers I have ever tasted.