Ask a Bastard 2: I made this all up.


Another week, another question.

Itanya asked, “Why shouldn’t I set you on fire? If I can’t set you on fire, who should I set on fire?

There are those who think I should be set on fire. Typically, those individuals come from the far, far, far right. Setting me on fire would make them happy. Now, these are the same people who annoy you. Making them happy would only irritate you further.

Now if this is a question of PvP on WoW (player vs player on
World of Warcraft), I would have to say feel free to set my character on fire. He has it coming.

As for who you should set on fire, I don’t think you should really set anyone on fire. It increases your carbon foot print and I’m not entirely sure how it would smell. It is also very illegal, and I cannot help you beat said case.

In PvP I would recommend setting someone not in my guild on fire. Pick someone from the forums, typically a really annoying player, and do it. Do it often. When things get rough, get more people so you can do it again. We have to face it: Most of the people on our server have it coming.

I will, of course, answer more questions today. The deadline is 7pm CST.



The lovely and talented VONsaves the day with two additional questions:

Who do you want to win the Super Bowl this weekend?
What movie will win the Best Picture Oscar?

Honestly, I had to look up the the teams who were playing this year. I got so disgusted with the Bears that I stopped paying attention to the rest of the NFL. I didn’t even have a fantasy football team this year–not that I ever do well in that endeavor to begin with.

But, I am cheering for the Steelers. My uncle is from Erie, PA, and I want him to be happy.

However, we’re all winners this year. The Boss will rock our socks off.

As for the Oscars

I haven’t seen a single one of the movies. I want to see most of them (I can do without Ben Button and the Reader), but I don’t think I’ll have the patience to sit through the “Oscar Day” that most theaters do (ala the one you and Shannon did last year).

I’m going to root for Slumdog; however, I think MILK will win it.