Greatest Damn Chips Ever.

via :: Potato Chips.

Sea Salt & Vinegar

unconventionally STRONG & tangy


Is it presumptuous to call a chip a harmonic convergence of flavor? Okay, maybe it is. But how else can we describe this perfect balance of sea salt, tongue-puckering tang and crunch? Is it any wonder our fans ask us to make a bag big enough to swim in?

As of yet, I have not had an urge to swim in a bag of these chips.  I think the vinegar and the salt smell would get old.  Also, I don’t like to eat things that my feet have touched, let alone the rest of my body.  But I do agree that these chips are damn near perfect.

Every bag of these chips has been the highlight of my day.  At work, I limit myself to one bag.  I’m not allowed to eat them at home, as I devour a bag in a span of an hour.  That includes the time it takes for me to walk back to the kitchen to get more.   If I just hold on to the bag, I’m done.  I’ll polish them off in a matter of seconds.

I’ve been craving them all day long.  Now it’s pretty close to closing time, and I know I can just walk out and pick up a bag on my way to the car…

In any event, if you appreciate the tangy Sea Salt and Vinegar chips, this is the brand to try.