Saturday is the new Friday

We have 6 showings tomorrow. This means that after a quick dinner, we’ll be cleaning the condo from top to bottom. This also means that from 11:00 to 4:00 we’ll be out of the condo doing Something Else.

If tomorrow is a brilliant spring day, being out won’t be a problem. If we get an offer, this will all be worth it. Otherwise, it’s just another day of work.

Given that extra work time, I’ll have another post up tomorrow on my feelings of Build a Better Blog in 31 days.

Friday fiction, for this week, is over at WTT:RP. Enjoy your weekend folks!

Ask A Bastard Edition: Condo Question


My cousin Jack, who used to blog, asked this question: Why are you selling your apartment? Isn’t it a historically bad time to do something like that?

We’re selling now because we need to. While there are a number of variables that we could deal with (mortgage rates, dealing with equity, credit cards etc) we need to live simply and save money. Given that we’re working on one income now–and the nature of all of my debts–the best thing to do is cut losses and sell.

Yes, it is a bad time to sell ESPECIALLY if sell at the height-of-the-bubble-values. Given we are selling at market rates, I’m comfortable with the decision. Hell, we get at least six showings a week. Someone is bound to buy the place.