Nano update

I’m at about 3000/way too many words rght now. I’m cool with being behind. I have a lot of time tomorrow to catch up and the entire last full week of November.

What is amazin about this process is I can begin to remember what my parents sounded like, before they were sick. It is comforting to know that I still remember them as healthy, middle-aged and witty people.


Good christ.

My buddy Jenny sent me this picture after I sent her a series of pictures from not-too-long-ago. This, I guess, is old school. When I saw the picture, after I dried my tears, I wondered, “what could I tell this kid?”

If I could give this goofy looking motherfucker one bit of advice, I would tell him that, “It’s all going to work out.” I wouldn’t warn him away from any of the mistakes–even the colossal ones–nor would I say anything about how quickly things would change for him. I could try and tell him to “get more organized” but he’s a smug bastard who’d just flip me the bird.

In short, I wouldn’t tell him to change. I’d just remind him that he’d manage to work everything out in the end.

Speaking of work, I am behind 4k word on Nano right now. That catch up begins after class…

International Hot Damn Day


Tomorrow, One Pretentious Bastard will host the first annual HOT DAMN! DAY. What is HOT DAMN! DAY? Glad you asked…

Back in College, whenever a number of us were upset, we would gather in the middle of a quad and yell HOT DAMN before heading off to IHOP or Perkins or some other late-night stop. The point was to just let go for a minute and just allow oneself to get through a series of rough or stressful times. We can’t really do a HOT DAMN! DAY on campus anymore, nor should people in large urban environments walk out into their neighborhood and scream HOT DAMN!

So I am inviting people–friends, fellow bloggers, acquaintances–to post a HOT DAMN tomorrow. A random yell may do us all a lot of good.

Benefits of a Short Commute

I live a hop, skip and a jump away from work. It is an insanely short distance–about a mile–that has opened up a number of possibilities for me. For instance, if I lack motivation, I can sleep in and get to work at 9. If I am feeling supermotivated (or under the gun) I can get to work at 8.

What has dawned on me is the middle road. I can get up early, putz around the apartment, and get to work at 8:30. Like today: I am having a leisurely breakfast, complete with coffee and juice, before heading out the door. My putzing doesn’t have to stop at blogging and breakfast. Oh no. I can–and want to–start doing more physical activity.

I could bike to work. I could work out–whatever that entails–then shower and get to work at 9. I could, and should, develop a better routine. Given that my brother is looking to change his lifestyle, I figure I can do the same. The cool thing about my system of change? I have a triathlete on my side.